There is more interest in food in the United States today than at any time in our history. Yet, there is very little interest in the hands that pick our food – the hundreds of thousands of people to whom we are all connected through our purchases at grocery stores, farmers’ markets and restaurants.

Food Chains explores critical human rights issues in American agriculture from wage theft to modern-day slavery and exposes the powers that perpetuate these un-American violations of human dignity. The film stars dozens of farmworkers as well as Eva Longoria (Executive Producer), Dolores Huerta, Eric Schlosser, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Barry Estabrook, and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers.

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    Ntl Survivor Network: Eye-opening documentary by @EvaLongoria explores the plight of farm workers. #foodchainsfilm http://t.co/Xq0Tl1yXlw

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    Food Chains: @FoodChainsFilm: Kicked off Day 2 of #nn14 with a great breakfast with @AFTunion! Thank you!! We're big fans @mcricker!

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