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Colby Carrot from Super Sprowtz makes an appearance with Sanjay

Food Fight!

Food Chains’ director Sanjay Rawal recently spoke to a large group of educators convened by Food Fight to discuss ways to teach young students how to make more informed food choices. Sanjay presented the audience with the idea of not just asking where our food comes from or how it was grown, but how the people who pick our food are treated.

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»Food Chains is viscerally moving, shows a true lens into the lives of the very people who pick our food.«

Venerated chef and farm-to-table pioneer, Alice Waters

»Food Chains“ is the film at the Berlinale that presents the inhuman living and working conditions of tomato pickers in Florida. The title refers not only to the logistical food chains, it also refers to the chains that rule the market and determine prices: supermarkets, discounters, fast food restaurants.«

Susanne Kippenberger, Der Tagesspiegel

»Food Chains impressively reveals the modern-day slavery in the agricultural industry.«

Jörg Thadeusz, RBB

»Food Chains casts a searing glance not only on the horrific conditions for harvest workers, but especially on those who create their plight: food companies and supermarket giants. [...] An important film that will hopefully raise your awareness of the worth of food.«

Reiner Veit, RBB Inforadio

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